Who woulda thought….

Just found out a good friend of mine is in a similar situation; but she is on the other side of the coin….the mistress side.

I refuse to judge.

But her story is somewhat interesting; aren’t they all.

She was the mistress and the wife found out after 3 years of sneaking around.

What my friend can’t seem to wrap her head around….now this is a mistress’ point of view…. she can’t understand why the wife never confronted her. The wife had many opportunities. In fact, they have been face to face…where conversation ensued…and not once was the affair mentioned or did the wife try to slit my friend’s throat.

I couldn’t give the best advice because no one knows what I am going through right now and I am not ready to share to friends/family…. just the wordpress community.

Just found it ironic that I am the “wife” character that my best friend is “against” and as much as I want to scream…. I have to stay silent.




It is time

It’s a whirlwind in the beginning; the discovery.

You don’t know whether you are coming or going but it is all happening so fast.

People ask how you are doing…can they do anything for you.

Each day seems like a blur until you look at the calendar and realize it has been two months already; since THE day.

And then it gets quiet, the whirlwind stops, you are left alone; with your thoughts.

And it’s these thoughts that you needed all along. To realize you can not go on the way you have been in the past; with this person.

And this is the destination you were seeking to reach; the realization that….

It is time….. to let go forever.

No words

You’ve found out about the affair….by accident.

Realize the only reason it ended was because you found out…or maybe still happening.

Daily questions…

You still in contact?

You sure they aren’t scorned you just ended things cold turkey?

Were you in love?

And as the hours turned into days, into weeks and months…. I wasn’t prepared to find out a baby was on the way.

No words

“A” truth

You know “A” truth….you’ll never know the real truth.

He spares your feelings, cowards in the words he says to you.

You never trusted before but now believe what he says…

I know it’s for sanity, for change…for moving forward.

But you’re living a lie and always will be because you only know “a” truth…not the real truth from me.